Thursday, March 16, 2006


Bush And Company Are Just Not Stoppin' With The Vietnam Parallels, Are They?

Let's see: -- Unnecessary and counterproductive war started as a result of codpiece-waving groupthink: Check. -- Military action initially used to win over wavering folks at home (especially the bigoted ones who enjoy killing brown-skinned people, even if only vicariously): Check. -- Utter noninterest in winning "hearts and minds" of locals: Check. -- Long and expensive economy-killing drain on US Treasury: Check. -- Expensive state-of-the-art bases and other permanent military facilities that will soon be overrun and turned against us in short order: Check. -- Ramping up the air war even though it will only make things worse, just to stage a minor troop reduction and call it "Mission Accomplished": Check. -- Gearing up to invade and bomb a neighboring country on the thinnest of pretexts even as the current war turns ever-more-sour: Check. And the hits just keep on comin'.

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