Monday, March 06, 2006


Cherish The (Unmarried) Ladies

Instead of haring after evangelicals who won't vote for us anyway, why not get more single women into the voting booths?! As Atrios noted today, single women are a HUGE and neglected voting bloc -- and when they do vote, they vote Democratic.

Why do Democrats hanker after people who are never going to vote for them while ignoring those who would, given half a reason to? Their votes would count up just as well, if the Supreme Court doesn't throw them out, that is.

John Kennedy famously said, the Bishops all voted Republican but the nuns voted Democratic and there were more nuns than Bishops.

Do I remember correctly that Texas is now majority minority?
Wouldn't that mean that more male politicans would have to admit that women make a difference?

Nuns are cool.
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