Thursday, March 09, 2006


The Crumbling of the Gaslighters...

...continues apace (thanks to Crooks and Liars):

Could 2006 be the year that sinks the Washington Times? Bill Sammon recently jumped ship to join the Washington Examiner and the paper continues to hemorrhage money. Further, two former W. Timers are working on pieces that will open the curtain on what takes place behind the scenes at the Washington Times, and from my conversations with both of them, it sounds as if some damning information could potentially emerge as a on
This ties in with what I'd mentioned earlier this week. (And how could I have forgotten to mention the implosion of The Ignoble and Tacky House of Black, or the decline of Richard Mellon Scaife's media empire?) The right-wing movement has jumped the shark; it is now on a downward run, and it's because the reality-based community has started to fight back with both fists.

Daily newspapers have a demographic problem regardless of content or bias. Old timers still like the printed news, but young people get it online or in free weeklies. Control of the airwaves is where we are truly outgunned. Internet's fine for a start, but until it's free, our audience is limited. TV, radio, and papers of record can hardly be considered anything but our enemies.

It's like we've moved up from spears to bows and arrows, while the other side has Gatlin guns.
The thing is, Spartacus, the other side's really losing out on TV, radio and the internet.

Ratings for FOX and for the hate-radio talkers are all falling -- with Rush and O'Reilly leading the charge into the ratings cellar -- even as the rating for shows like MSNBC's Keith Olbermann's rise.

And we all know that the conblogs, which used to rule the internet roost as recently as two years ago, are losing readers even as the lefty blogs gain them. DailyKos alone is bigger than the top ten conblogs combined, and when you add in Eschaton, Crooks & Liars, DU, FireDogLake and other popular reality-based sites, the lefty domination of the blogosphere is undeniable.
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