Sunday, March 26, 2006


Dear Gateway Pundit:

Responding to a post on Gateway Punditregarding Ben Domenech, a post that contained the following, evidently about the GOP: Being from the political party that values truth, integrity, God, country, family, and the 10 Commandments, I do not approve of lying, plagiarism, omission or slander. I gave this reply (I have corrected one typo): So, I take it that the proper translation of "I hope that Ben springs right back and does not wallow in shame. Come back soon Ben Domenech. You are welcome here anytime." is "wink wink." You know, I get really, really tired of God's name getting dragged into political uses. It is blasphemy. The "Republican Party" is a collection of human beings, including Duke Crook Cunningham, three-time adulterer Gingrich, Ken from the Closet Mehlman, Drugs Limbaugh, Gambling Ralph Reed, and a bunch of Congressmen and a president who never heard of Jack Abramoff even if he does have the photos. These people did not operate in a vacuum. They went to prayer breakfasts together, they went to church together, they invoked the Lord's name in their criminal conspiracies together. The ordinary Republicans who should be condemning them are instead finding reasons why the wrongs they did are not so bad. Or conspicuously winking. The real problem with Ben Domenech is that he is all too typical of what America has become: kids who can't do anything on their own and have to steal the labor of others; kids who have no talent to get their own jobs, but have to rely on their father's Rolodex; and especially people who have to find other people to demonize for their own failings. The broadbrush statement in your post that "Conservatives choose to fight Islamic terrorists for the preservation of our great nation. Liberals choose to fight conservatives and conservative values for power regardless of how it affects our great nation" is a perfect example of how people who fail desperately try to blame anyone else for that failure. It is a lie-- many conservatives are part of the Yellow Elephant brigade-- and also a slander, since many liberals are veterans, and indeed 50-plus veterans, including a number from this war, are running as Democrats. So, in this one statement, you accomplish doing not one but two things you claim you do not approve of and obviously do. As Jesus told the Pharisees in John 9, you claim you can see, and thereby condemn yourself. You can look it up.
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