Sunday, March 26, 2006


Democrats, Please Answer the Cluephone

Russ Feingold calls for Bush to be held accountable for breaking the law. The Associated Press reports that "the idea is increasing his standing among many Democratic voters". The obvious conclusion is that taking action that opposes Bush and standing up to the resulting attacks is a good thing. But the other Democrats are still cowering. And they're very stupid to be afraid of the issue. As Feingold said,

"These Democratic pundits are all scared of the Republican base getting energized, but they're willing to pay the price of not energizing the Democratic base," he said. "It's an overly defensive and meek approach to politics."
Feingold also has the right attitude about the Republican attempts to neuter him:
"I welcome their attempt to make a campaign issue of the question of whether there will be accountability for the president's breaking the law," he said. "They will remind people every minute that the president thumbed his nose at the law."
So come on, Democrats, if you're not going to answer the cluephone, at least check the voicemail once in a while. The voters have a message for you.
It's as if the bases are loaded and Feingold has knocked a homer over the wall, and the Democrats already on first, second, and third don't run.
Good analogy, shrimplate. I'd extend it by saying it's as if the Democrats run -- back to the dugout, ceding the inning to the Republicans.
I really have to wonder whether the Dems have not made a tacit deal with the Republicans to let George have his "presidency". Politicians who have a lifetime record of doing the decent thing are behaving very oddly. The Levin-Galloway story was one example of gratuitously handing a freshman Republican, who should be facing an electorate enraged by his nonperformance, an undated hall pass.

All that needed to be done would be to say, "Well, there may be questions about Galloway's dealings with Saddam's regime, but whatever they were, they are pennies on the hundred dollars compared to Bayoil. I'm disappointed that the chairman has chosen to devote so much time to this issue, because it leaves a distinct odor of politics." Instead, Levin treated Galloway as if he were personally responsible for Saddam's atrocities at Abu Ghraib.

Or Hillary's sudden conversion to Pentecostalism (or whatever was behind her backflip on abortion). Or Jay Rockefeller meekly protesting to Dick Cheney about the Administration trashing the Fourth Amendment. Frenzied intervention by Henry Waxman and Chuck Schumer in an Ohio *primary* election.

It's like watching pod people. One would never know that they had once done great deeds.
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