Friday, March 24, 2006


The Domenich Compendium

Over at DKos, Fleet Admiral J's putting together an attempt at a comprehensive list of Domenich's steals.

And guess what? What Domenich doesn't steal, he makes up out of thin air:

Oh, and the Post may wish to check the qualifications of its hires in the future. Domenech claims that he was "given the Ruben J. Salazar award by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists" on his bio page (

According to Marissa Silvera, Professional Development Manager of the NAHJ, that organization does not give out a "Ruben J. Salazar award." The NAHJ's overall scholarship/financial aid program is named for Salazar -- so maybe he got some cash from them by claiming Hispanic heritage. (although its difficult to see how he qualified, given that his father is a GOP operative and "financial need" is a criteria, and "Awareness of the Community" is also a criteria -- and its extremely difficult to find anything that suggests that Domenech is "aware of issues that face the Latino community and Latinos in the newsroom".

What. A. Dork. Truly, this guy is to journalism what Jack Abramoff is to fundraising.

I think people are making much too big a deal about Ben Domenech.

Now, Jim Brady-- the guy who hired him... and hasn't yet fired him-- he's worthy of outrage.

And RedState-- the people who are defending someone so crooked he has to stand up sideways-- they're worthy of outrage.

And the Republican Party-- the people who have turned the United States from Bedford Falls into Pottersville in just a few years-- they're worthy of outrage.

But Ben Domenech? Just another morally ill Republican.
Just another morally ill Republican.

That's the point, Charles.

His dad has ties to Abramoff. We can't make too much of him. (Oh, and it's not just the blogosphere that's outraged about him: Go check out today. They jumped all over his calling Coretta Scott King a Communist. It's a pay article, but the free teaser gives the gist.)

As Atrios says today, Domenich is an object lesson in how the right-wing élite have connections in all of the US' media institutions.

The WP didn't hang out a sign saying "Con Bloggers Wanted" when the Republicans told them to hire someone to "balance" Froomkin.
They either knew who to call, or -- and this I suspect is more likely -- they were TOLD by Somebody Big (*coughUnkaKarlcough*) who to call to offer a blogging gig.

Besides, now WE can do push-back on the WP. Let's see: Who should we press Jim Brady to hire in Domenich's place? TBogg? Digby? Majikthise? The Poor Man? Charles Pierce?
I'd rather balance Jim Brady, PW. With someone equally to the left of what one must judge Brady to be based on his hiring practices.

Like, say, George Monbiot.

Now *that* would make for an interesting newspaper.
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