Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Frist, Clinton, And Censure

ReddHedd over at FireDogLake (which is sporting a spiffy new redesign) makes some good points -- and notes that certain Democrats are assisting Feingold in keeping the Republicans from killing his motion to censure Bush. I especially love hearing Frist whining about how it's a "crazy political move" to pick on a president during wartime. Ahem. When did Bill the Catkiller get into the Senate? 1995. So he was around for the GOP Congress' impeaching, and attempting to remove, Bill Clinton from the Office of the Presidency from 1998 onwards. You may recall that we were at war then, too -- yet the Republicans never held back from attacking Clinton during wartime. Now, the GOP was given the chance to pull back from its crazed efforts to impeach Bill Clinton just because they could. A bipartisan group called "Censure and Move On" offered the idea of censuring Clinton and then dropping the whole stupid thing, instead of starting impeachment proceedings that endangered our overseas committments -- both military and diplomatic -- as well as our focus on the nation's domestic business. This move was opposed by many on the left, as they didn't feel that Clinton did anything to harm the nation. (Yes, Virginia, this is the bipartisan, middle-of-the-road group that eventually became known as MoveOn.org -- the very same group that the GOP/Media Complex now paints as bombthrowing Communists.) But the Republicans wouldn't settle for a mere censure motion. They wanted Clinton's scalp, and damn the cost. And how did Bill Frist vote on the question of impeaching President Clinton, a wartime President, over trumped-up nonsense involving his personal life? Bill Frist, the same man who thinks that it's mean to censure George W. Bush for breaking the law against domestic spying and then lying about it? Why, he voted to impeach, of course. On both counts. But of course, it's OK for Republicans to impeach a wartime Democratic president in a "crazy political move", right? UPDATE: Matt Stoller announces that Wayne Allard, another Republican Senator who was around during Coupgate, has essentially accused Russ Feingold of treason for daring to suggest that Bush should be censured. And, yes, Allard voted to impeach Clinton on both bogus counts.

Well, I have expended my enormous influence to try to get someone to watch Feingold's back.

If nothing else, they can count the daggers.

The good thing is there are lots of good independent Democrats running.
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