Sunday, March 26, 2006


Getting What They Want

What does the Democratic base want? Think about this in your own heads. Now, think about what the Republican base wants. Of the two bases, which party is most likely to give their base what they want? Better yet, which party has certain key societal sectors in its corner, to help convince their base that keeping gays from marrying, or blacks from getting government aid, or rich people and corporations from having to pay taxes, is much more desirable than good jobs, universal and affordable health care, and a pollution-free environment?

The Democratic Party's past success was built on it's directly appealing to working class aspirations. Republican wedge politics, based clearly on appeals to racism and other forms of hatred worked to distract the working class while they stole their present and futures. Some Democrats, many of them without direct experience of working class life, have reacted to this by foresaking the only thing that has ever worked for it, see the various triangulations of the Clinton years and the present impotence of large segments of the party. This retreat has failed entirely and completly.

Democrats have to directly appeal to working class and middle class people, those who might be won back, and present a program which will give them a chance of financial security, guaranteed and affordable healthcare and a real education for their children. The Republicans and their kept press will yell 'class warfare' but as their position deteriorates the working class and sinking middle class will know that the war started a long time ago and they are getting shafted. We can't wait for the official depression to
start. We've got to start pointing out that for most Americans the depression started years ago.
PW says, "What does the Democratic base want? Think about this in your own heads."

I have tried this, but each head comes up with its own answer. ;-)
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