Thursday, March 23, 2006


GOP and Bigotry: WP Blogger Edition

Check this out. I'm speechless. On reflection: Remember when USA Today hired Little Miss Hitler herself, Ann Coulter -- only to drop her before her first column because it was so unbelieveably vile? The folks running USA Today, as right-wing as they are, have more decency and common sense than those running the Washington Post. UPDATE: Stop the presses! Domenich -- who already is known as a Stephen-Glass-style fabricator of news articles -- has just been busted for plagiarism! The Domenich Deathwatch begins now. My own guess: The WaPo, if they have any brains at all, will quietly dump this clown around about 5:30 PM Eastern Time tomorrow, in the hopes that the furor won't last over the weekend. But it will, it will. UPDATE #2: And the plagiarisms just keep on comin', to the point where I'm beginning to doubt that this clown ever had or wrote a single original thought. Ohhh, he is sooooo toasty toast!

Yeah, I have seen bad.

I have seen really bad.

But I have not seen anything resembling this one.

If the Washington Post were a newspaper, they would be announcing the name of their new Executive Editor right about now.

Culture of Corruption, yes.
I've got the feeling that someone in my age cohort at the WaPo thought that Ben D. was a chance to make the WaPo a bit trendier and more hep.

They can't get anything right at that old whore house.
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