Thursday, March 30, 2006


Hey, CA-50 Voters: Had Enough Yet?

Let's see: They vote in a Republican who turns into the second most corrupt Congresscritter of the past thirty years (Tom DeLay is still Number One in my book), so corrupt that he's now in prison for it. One of the Republican candidates to replace him, Howard Kaloogian, is the lying scumbag who with Darrell Issa launched (or at least takes credit for launching, though how much he actually did is debatable) the Gray Davis recall drive that inflicted Arnold Schwarzenegger on California. That movement morphed into "Move America Forward", which seems to serve as yet another sheltered workshop for otherwise-unemployable Republican hacks of the dirty trickster persuasion. (Kaloogian's also been known to tell a few fibs about Iraq.) One of the other Republican candidates, former Congresscritter Brian Bilbray, is himself a corrupt clown who is alleged to be up to his ears in a Mexican sewage scandal that reaches all the way up to Dick Cheney. Why not go with someone who's smart, honest and hardworking for a change? You know, someone like Francine Busby? She's already leading in the polls; if you give her 50% of the vote next month, she's your new Congressmember, and she'll be a really good one, too.

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