Monday, March 27, 2006


Honor Among Thieves, Or The Lack Thereof

I see from the Raw Story that Karl Rove may have been the source for the recent "discovery" of 250-odd e-mails implicating Dick Cheney in TreasonGate. Heheheheh. Granted, I suspect that Rove is smarter than Cheney, but Cheney's richer than Rove, if I recall correctly. He can hire people to do his thinking, and perhaps his dirty work, for him, and nobody need ever find out about it. But that's not the most interesting bout of possible right-wing backstabbing I've heard about today. This is (thanks to AmericaBlog for finding it):

One of the toughest [of Reed's critics] is Marvin Olasky, a close associate of President Bush who helped developed the administration's faith-based initiative and the concept of "compassionate conservatism." Olasky, a journalism professor at the University of Texas, is editor in chief of World magazine, the mission of which "is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." Since Nov. 19, World has run 10 articles and essays describing the $4 million in gambling money Abramoff paid to Reed to lobby against casinos competing with Abramoff's clients. The articles have highlighted incriminating e-mails and other disclosures that have raised doubts about Reed's explanations of his activities. Reed, Olasky wrote March 4, "has damaged Christian political work by confirming for some the stereotype that evangelicals are easily manipulated and that evangelical leaders use moral issues to line their own pockets."
Wow. The thing is that Olasky must have some long-simmering grudges against Reed, to do ten separate articles in the last five months on his Abramoff ties. Because Olasky's focus on Reed's role is very, very dangerous to the cons' Abramoff storyline. The cons have gone out of their way to paint the Abramoff scandal as merely a "lobbyist/Indian" scandal. But digging too deeply into Reed's role exposes the way that "Christian" groups such as the US Family Network were and are used as slush funds for Republicans.

More of that "prosperity gospel" stuff the Pecksniffians like to wallow in.
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