Friday, March 03, 2006


How Radioactive Is Pat Robertson Nowadays?

Even his fellow evangelical broadcasters have turned on him. Of course, they wouldn't be doing this if the empire he'd founded wasn't already crumbling to dust. But that's another story. But even now, even in his reduced circumstances, he still has a friend in George W. Bush. [UPDATE: I'm wondering: When Robertson left the Christian Coalition, he took Operation Blessing International and his other major government-backed cash cows with him, right? Being that they were, I believe, owned by him directly and not by the Christian Coalition? If that's the case, no wonder the Christian Coalition's going broke.]

It was for just such persons that Lynn Fontanne coined the phrase "cash appeal". Considering what company the Bush Crime Family not only keeps but are he wouldn't notice the stench.

If the ducking and covering by conservatives is any indication, the Bush junta is becoming a liability to them. Just imagine what it would be like if there was a full investegation of the corruption under it. If there is ever a public airing of the enormous amount of theft....

One of our many tasks is to ensure that the millstone is tied securely to the neck of all conservatives. If there is one who opposed this junta from the initial theft of the 2000 election, through the power grab and the illegal invasion, we might allow them through the dragnet but I doubt you'll find even one.
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