Thursday, March 02, 2006


Is Whining The Default Mode For All Conservative GOP Bush Backers?

I mean, really. What's really funny is that they whine about being censored when in fact the media usually bends over backwards to accomodate them. See the case of Joe Repya, local Twin Cities GOP activist and Desert Storm/Current Iraq War vet, here and here. PowerLine and Repya's right-wing shock-jock "morning zoo" buddies at KQRS are whining the loudest about his being "censored" when in fact he seems to have the press wrapped around his little finger. Even better: After the initial Minvolved posting, Repya got ANOTHER letter in the StarTribune, which engendered this reply:

WARTIME NEWS Truth is a casualty In "It's strike three for antiwar [Nick] Coleman," a Feb. 28 letter writer cites a January 2006 Military Times Iraq Poll of service members saying that "four of every five respondents said they believe media reports often are inaccurate." A new Zogby poll released on Feb. 28 shows that four out of five U.S. soldiers currently in Iraq say it's time to come home. War supporters continue to focus on getting "their side of the argument out" and ignore the news that doesn't support their views. With Iraq slipping further into a civil war they must only be watching Fox News, which proclaimed on the Neil Cavuto show, "All-Out Civil War In Iraq? Could It Be A Good Thing?" DEE RICHARDS, EAGAN
'Nuff said.

As conservatism loses its appeal due to massive disaster brought about by following their policies you can count on this being their white whine of choice.

It will not replace, "They gave my job to an affirmative action hire," however. That is the house whine of conservatism.

By the way, this is an excellent column.
When 65% of people disagree with you now while 65% agreed with you three years ago, of course it must be the media's fault. It can't have anything to do with being WRONG!
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