Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's over but it's not over

Ciro Rodriguez conceded the TX-28 primary and promised to support his opponent. Hopefully Mr. Cuellar learns that embracing Republicans is not a very smart strategy for someone who wants to represent a heavily Democratic district. But that's not the end of it. From the San Antonio Express, which endorsed Cuellar: [A]llegations of voter fraud were never substantiated [in 2004], but many still believe something didn't smell right. There may be a perfectly good explanation for Tuesday night's glitch, but unfortunately, South Texas voting continues to be plagued by the specter of voter fraud." From the Laredo Morning Times, Bad turned to worse as Webb County officials discovered that the tabulating problem that had plagued the early vote count cast electronically was also afflicting the ballots cast electronically Tuesday. ...County Judge Louis Bruni said he thoroughly questioned Elections Administrator Oscar Villarreal about such problems before the county purchased the machines, and he attributed all of the problems to Villarreal. "After the election, win or lose, I'm going to bring out the tape of where I questioned him and I'm going to fire him," Bruni said. "It makes Webb County look like bumbling fools."... For his part, Villarreal noted that the trouble was with the programming, which originated with Election Systems and Software...'The equipment is working fine. It's the programming we're having problems with,"....With the PEBs [personal electronic ballots] unavailable, counters must read each machine's individual flash drive, which delayed the counting significantly. It's not over.
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