Sunday, March 19, 2006


Looking For Leadership: Fortunes (And Polls) Favor The Bold

Even as the same ding-dongs that dissed John Murtha now diss Russ Feingold, we find out that just as most Americans now know of and respect Murtha for taking a stand, most Democrats (and, I'll soon wager, most Americans) now know of and respect Feingold for taking a stand:

I'll repeat -- Feingold's popularity among Democrats has soared from 22% before he introduced the resolution to 52% after the resolution. The nerve he tapped is way beyond political squabbling. This should not be some big mystery.
No, it shouldn't be. And as for the idiots who whine (as they whined when Murtha stepped up to the plate) that opposing Bush just makes him more popular: Bush still occasionally cracked 50% approval when Murtha first spoke up. Now he's lucky to get above 35%.

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