Monday, March 27, 2006


My advice to Robert Greenwald

...who will be on the Colbert Report Colbert Question: Now, Mr. Greenwald, if you had your way, Wal-Mart will no longer be able to underpay employees or discriminate against them. Isn't this dangerously likely to make American workers think that they deserve a decent livelihood? Wrong answer: Yes. Wrong answer: No. Correct answer: There is that risk. However, there are literally *billions* of foreigners who can still be underpaid, cheated, discriminated against, and denied healthcare coverage. So, think of my proposals as adding just a dollop of choice to the marketplace. The point of Colbert repartee is to listen carefully to the question, answer it perfectly seriously, and always provide a right-wing talking point as the explanation for why you are in favor of whatever cause you support. If you can throw in a word George Will would use, you get extra credit. * If you were a gay hooker, you'd point out the compassionate care and psychological counseling you provide to your clients, all without the intervention of the state. * If you were a drug addict, you would point out that you serve a valuable social function of being an object lesson for the mercenary exploitation of televangelists. * If you were a Republican, you can point out that you are so patriotic that if there is a draft and your father can't get you into the National Guard, you'd be delighted to serve... in Germany.
I read today that some of the interviews with congressmen were edited in a way that distorted what was said. The one with Barney Frank was particularly dishonestly altered.

I think he's funny, I did see the Mary Carey interview before he had his own show and was just as glad I didn't understand the pizza references. But altering an interview in order to make people believe that Barney Frank can't spell "Massachusetts", especially when he just had, has gone beyond what is acceptable.
Why any congressman would go on to possibly have their words altered is a all too clear. They don't think they can reach the young otherwise. If this is the case democracy is doomed.

He should stick to making fun of O'R. That he does really well.
If anyone is relying on the Colbert Report for news, we are in trouble. Colbert has gone a step beyond fake news into brain papain.
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