Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Oh, The Irony

We interrupt the mind-numbingly single-minded concentration on politics to bring you an incomparable bit of silliness: I hear that Hollywood Motion Picture Academy voting member Tony Curtis -- who at 80 still apparently thinks he can get leading-man roles and so wants to make heterosexually nice with the studio heads -- claims that he and many of his fellow Academy members flatly refused to see Brokeback Mountain, which was nominated for (and in a just world would have won) Best Picture, because he was allegedly offended by its gay themes. Let's skip over the fact that, as a voting member of the Academy, you would think he was duty-bound, or at least honor-bound, to see all the nominated films. This is Tony Curtis we're talking about. The guy who starred as a cross-dresser in Some Like It Hot. The guy who was Kirk Douglas' best, ah, friend in Spartacus, one of the most homoerotic films Hollywood ever made. The guy who himself stated that he had embarked on sexual affairs with men in his youth. The guy who posed nude for Vanity Fair last year. Please, Tony. Give it up. You can't crawl back into the closet and pretend you're really some great arbiter of Baptist sexual morality. Showing off your naked bod at age 80 has, um, queered that, even setting aside your bisexuality.

I'm sorry, the post is great, agree with it all except for the comment "in a just world it would have won." I can't agree with that at all. I saw Brokeback Mountain and yes, it was very good. But Crash was definitely better. As I come from the Los Angeles area, it showed very well what the community goes through every day, that even though there are many different cultures, they all stay seperate from one another until they are forced to interact. Crash won because it was the better picture. Period.

Other than that, I agree, Tony needs to buy some cigars and sit in the backyard of the playboy mansion, not try to score more roles. Act your age man!
The thing is that the Academy members were voting against a film that Tony Curtis admitted - no, boasted - that many if not most of them had refused to see.

Reasonable people can argue the respective merits of both Brokeback Mountain and Crash. But Crash wasn't picked because the Academy members thought it was a good film. It was picked because a) they were NOT going to vote for Brokeback Mountain, and b) they were NOT going to vote for anything involving Steven Spielberg because of their long-standing hate-on for him. (Even though Munich may be his one truly great film, the one that lifts him above the middlebrow.)
So, Tony has decided on the oysters and not the snails.

I read the story but haven't seen the movie. I've seen parts of the script for the movie and it seems to be less liberated than the 1972 made for TV movie "That Certain Summer," with Hal Holbrook and Martin Sheen. And that movie had the obigatory tragic gay tear shedding scene in the end.

Tony Curtis, it's over. If you want to try playing leads ever again look at the Mae West fiasco "Sextet". Do you want to risk something like that happening to you?
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