Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Peak Oilmen

Over long eons, extreme compression under high heat of rancid populism, magical thinking, and hubris produced a huge oily mass called Republicans for Bush. This is a finite resource, whose production has reached a peak and due to decline: KEVIN PHILLIPS: ... I’ve talked with a number of conservatives, people running conservative publications, old aides from the Republican campaigns back in the 1960s and 1970s, and everybody agrees, and some are even starting to say it semi-publicly: [George W. Bush] is a national embarrassment. AMY GOODMAN: Conservatives? KEVIN PHILLIPS: Conservatives. AMY GOODMAN: ...Do you think that the -- what you describe, the American empire is headed for doom? KEVIN PHILLIPS: It’s certainly headed for some degree of dismantling and loss of international power.
Have you noticed that Kevin Phillips isn't on Morning Edition anymore? Instead they have on people like Doug Kimec.

I'm glad to see he's finally woken up, and I won't bother with "what took him so long". He is doing good work on the Bush Crime Family in these last two or so books.

The conservatives are going to destroy the power of the United States. I suspect that they are backing China as their ticket to future power and self-enrichment. I suspect that is what is behind the free-market-globalization ruse that is being used to destroy the middle class here. Their plan is to turn the world into their helots and they will do anything and work with anyone who will help them to attain that end.
Olvlzl says, "Their plan is to turn the world into their helots and they will do anything and work with anyone who will help them to attain that end."

I wrote a science fiction story to that effect many years ago, O, but could never get it published. I guess it was regarded as too improbable.
Ah, Kevin Phillips, the guy who helped give up the modern version (and the name therefor) of the "Southern Strategy".

It would have been nice to hear him acknowledge to Amy Goodman that he was using religion as a smokescreen to cater to the worst and most racist instincts of the American people -- only to be dismayed when his "Southern Strategy" worked just as he'd designed it to work. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind and all that.

Though to be honest, the GOP had stopped being The Party Of Lincoln many years before. As is pointed out here, Herbert Hoover's proto-Southern Strategy involved securing the votes of white Southerners with anti-Catholicism, and it worked rather well. In fact, if Hoover hadn't allowed his pro-business "protect rich people at all costs" instincts to totally botch his response to the Great Depression, thus allowing FDR to come in and win over the South with sensible economic policies that made life better for blacks as well as whites, the Republicans would have taken over this country a good five decades earlier than they did.
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