Sunday, March 26, 2006


Racism, Bigotry And The GOP

It never fails. At the start of each election cycle (which nowadays, in this Age of the Permanent Campaign, is usually right after the end of the last one), there are articles in the GOP/Media Complex concerning the alleged gains made by Republicans among various non-white and/or non-Protestant groups: "GOP Wins Over Hispanics/Blacks/Muslims/Jews Etc." Then, a few months later, the Republicans do things to show that the only people whose votes they really care about are the very people who hate and fear Hispanics/ Blacks/Muslims/Jews/Et Cetera. The GOP's push to coddle the Minutemen and the other Hispanic-haters, even as businesses nationwide beg the Republicans not to deprive them of people to exploit employ, shows that their base is still racist above everything else. This is not going over well with America's Latino community. Not at all. This is reinforced by the floundering of Ken Blackwell's bid to become governor of Ohio. Blackwell's candidacy served the GOP's purpose by allowing a flurry of look-at-how-tolerant-we-in-the-GOP-now-are puff pieces to infect the national media. But the Ohio Republican Party knows full well that he's doomed -- if not by the rabidly anti-black base in the primaries who will vote for anyone but him on the GOP side, then in the general election where not even the most hateful of anti-gay ballot legislation will suffice to get them to the polls to vote for a black man for governor. So they turned off the endorsement and the money spigot, once the TV cameras turned away.

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