Sunday, March 12, 2006


Republican Corruption Kills Americans

From SameFacts:

Roger Ailes is right: Now that a civil jury in a qui tam action has found that Custer Battles, a politically connected start-up operation, gypped the government out of millions of dollars in Iraq, it's time to start asking where the criminal action is. The Justice Department's declination to adopt the private civil suit isn't an encouraging sign. The disaster in Iraq is a powerful issue. Corruption is a powerful issue. Anything that combines the two — anything that reminds the voters that part of the reason things went badly in Iraq was that too much of the money we sent there was siphoned off into Republican-connected pockets — is a dynamite issue. Repeat after me: "How much body armor could we have bought for the price of Duke Cunningham's Rolls-Royce?"

This is an important point, and one that I don't think people understand very well.

Good things happen to individuals when good things are happening to their nation.

Good things happen to nations when people work together.

People work together when they aren't screwing one another.

Therefore, the best way to make good things happen to yourself is to do good things to others.

It's the George Carlin version of the Golden Rule.

Republicans believe exactly the opposite, that they can best prosper by screwing others and that the nation will somehow magically prosper despite their corruption. It's just a shame that kids who believed the sales pitch for the US Army are the ones who pay the price for their crookedness.
Repeat the phrase culture of death often. It's what they are, and it will drive them nuts.
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