Saturday, March 11, 2006


"Since you're breaking the law, we'll let you choose the judge for your case"

That's the level of hypocrisy that the American Bar Association recently achieved. In a resolution approved on February 13th, the ABA boldly resolved that 1. the president should not usurp the powers that belong to the other branches, 2. the president should stop breaking the law by warrantless wiretapping, 3. that Congress should do its job by holding hearings on the president's lawbreaking, and 4. that the Congress and president should do their jobs by paying attention to what wiretapping is being done. It's almost beyond parody. What is truly beyond parody is that the ABA was the patsy in putting Bush's puppet judge Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court, in a position to slow walk any impeachment effort that an effete and worthless Legislative branch might one day raise. More leaders than the president need to be removed from office.
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