Thursday, March 09, 2006


Smells Like Collusion To Me

Eschaton and AmericaBlog both pick up on Adam Nagourney's silly attack on the lefty part of the blogosphere. I'm betting AdNags is working hand-in-glove with the GOP (the NRSC, in particular) to attack non-righty blogs. Check out how the NRSC is trying to paint DailyKos, which is the most popular blog around and which is the blog of choice for many newspapers such as the Minneapolis StarTribune, as a "hate" blog in order to try and scare off Democrats such as Amy Klobuchar from running ads on it. (They've been trying this for months, and it's not working. Probably because too many Minnesotans have actually visited DailyKos via the constant links and references to it in trusted places such as the Minneapolis StarTribune, Minnesota's biggest and best daily paper.) Is it just coincidence that the NRSC and AdNags have launched similar and simultaneous attacks on the lefty blogs? Considering the US corporate media's fondness for publishing barely-edited GOP press releases under their "reporters"' bylines, I think not.

You can count on it being collusion. Very little that the right does is by coincidence.

They will increase their attacks, both overt attacks and dirty tricks. Even we non-bloggers are targeted. Namestealing is one of the simplest and most widly spread forms of this.

They can't allow leftists to have a voice. If we are heard, we win.
I'm repeatedly amused by the failure of liberals (using the term loosely) to appreciate the well-established practice and principles that comprise the science of psychological warfare.
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