Friday, March 03, 2006


Terry Krepel, helping the right understand the difference between (a) truth and (b) lies for six years

There are many great-- as in "historically notable"-- blogs out there that don't get the recognition they deserve. Terry Krepel's ConWebWatch is one. Specializing in monitoring NewsMax and WorldNetDaily, it is written by a real journalist with remarkable good humor. One of the most important services it provides is a record of how when it gets caught in a lie, the right simply turns tail and hides. It seems that Newsmax accused Clinton of using the NSA to eavesdrop on Strom Thurmond. They quoted a whistleblower talking about how NSA listened in on Strom Thurmond. Small problem: the whistleblower had separately stated that the incident occurred in 1988, just a brief moment before Clinton had become president. Heeeeeere's Terry: But instead of correcting the record and informing readers that the Clinton administration was not, in fact, eavesdropping on Thurmond, NewsMax simply deleted the story -- despite the fact that conservative blogs and bulletin boards regularly copy NewsMax articles. These people--the 34-and-dropping percenters-- do not understand the difference between truth and a lie. Every word, every gesture has no meaning beyond what advantage it can deliver to them. Cf John 8:44
Who cared what the demented degenrate was saying enough to listen to him? From what I remember it was his staffers who were telling him what to do every step of the way.

For what motive? Everyone in the world knew that he was a sexual degenerate. I'm not particularly connected and I heard that forty years ago. There might have been some innocent church-goers in Palmetto country who didn't know but knowing what gossips church-goers are I highly doubt it.
Is the idea that they were going to undercut him because he was a doddering idiot? Everyone knew that too.
Jeesh! Is there no lie that conservatives aren't going to tell?
Olvlzl asks, "Is there no lie that conservatives aren't going to tell?"

Given time, no.

In this case, though, I think the story of eavesdropping on Thurmond may be true. The whistleblower, Margaret Newsham, was credible enough to appear on 60 Minutes. Take a look at the interview which is, alas, on the Freak Republic.
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