Wednesday, March 29, 2006


They Lie About Everything: Baghdad, TURKEY?!

This is probably going to be the funniest thing I've seen all week, and it's only Wednesday. Over in Duke "Kickback Mountain" Cunningham's old Congressional District, a special election's being held to determine who'll take his seat now that he's making license plates in the Federal Pen. The area's normally fairly Republican, but this time around Francine Busby stands a good chance to take the seat right now if she can crack 50% in the upcoming election on April 11. If not, it heads to a June 6 runoff where she'll need a lot more money to win, so she needs to win it now. (Hint, hint.) And it looks like her strongest Republican opponent, Howard Kaloogian, has just helped her out by being caught in a big fat lie. Seems that he posted a picture on his website of what he claimed was a bustling-yet-calm street scene he'd recently witnessed in beautiful downtown Baghdad. The picture allegedly proved that Baghdad wasn't as bad/violent/etc. as the evil liberal media folks claim. Um, except that it's not a picture of Baghdad. The street signs are in Turkish, for one thing. And in Roman characters, not Arabic lettering. The women are wearing outfits that would literally get them killed in Iraq right now. And the cars have Turkish plates. Ooops. I hope The Daily Show picks up on this. UPDATE: It's official: Somebody at DKos has conclusive proof that Kaloogian's "Baghdad pic" is actually from a suburb of Istanbul (not Constantinople). HAHAHAHA! UPDATE #2: Oh, this gets even funnier. Now Kaloogian's blaming his webmaster. (Y'know, like how Domenech blamed his editor?) So I assume it was his webmaster who labeled the pic "sm_DowntownBaghdad.JPG"? Oh, jeez, stop it you're killing me! My stomach muscles haven't recovered yet from last week's Domenech laff riot, and now this? UPDATE #3: And now E&P's picked up the story. After three years of constant slagging by the GOP for "not reporting the truth on Iraq", this must be especially sweet for them.

I live in Escondido and have lived in the North County area of San Diego since 1995. I never like or trusted him. Never voted for him, nor Cunningham. Stunned by this revelation because I couldn't imagine that the wingnuts would stoop THAT low to lie about what's going on in Iraq... and think they could get away with it!
I hope this story gets picked up nationwide. Wow!
I guess there is no low too low for them.
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