Thursday, March 30, 2006


They'll Ban Mainstream Churches, But Cater To The Religio-Racists? Please.

For all those wondering "Why haven't the mainstream churches been speaking out against the Fundy dingbats?": They have been -- but the GOP/Media Complex won't air their words.

The mainstream churches have a problem. They have rightwing members they don't want to offend. Now, as you well know, we have recently learned that some of these people are infiltrated into churches by a right-wing group (IRD) to act as KGB-like monitors and as disruptors. But there has never been a shortage of congregants who never quite got this Jesus guy and put politics above all else.

Your typical mainline church is comprised mostly of elderly people and is barely paying the bills, which creates conflict over putting sufficient funds to "mission" (e.g., feeding the poor).
The IRD link's dead, Charles. Got a fresh one? Thanks!
The IRD link isn't dead. It just picked up some lint.
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