Thursday, March 16, 2006


Whatever You Think Of What Feingold Did...

...and apparently his main crime was not weighing in with Reid and Pelosi first -- which makes sense; it's nice if the Democrats can organize ahead of time to try and put up a GOP-style united front -- the stupidest thing that other Democrats can do is to run pell-mell from it, thus reinforcing the "Democrats are cowards" image. I think that a lot of Senate Democrats, once they let their feathers get unruffled (and once they get over the idea of doing something to help make a potential presidential-candidate rival look good), are starting to realize this. Hence Harkin and Boxer and (possibly?) Kerry agreeing to sign on to Feingold's motion.

I wonder if he declined to clear it with Reid and Pelosi first because, in an odd parallelism with Bushco that just occurred to me, he figured they'd decline and it would be easier to get them on board after the fact.

In any event, the sloooow and tentative crawl of Harkin and the others to Russ' side is giving me a modicum of hope this morning. Of course, Russ' performance in the committee hearings with Gonzales also gave me a modicum of hope, so we'll see how far this goes...
Sometimes these things have to build. Sometimes they peter out. Of course some of the Senators might not be enthusiastic about it because it has absolutely no chance of passing and is entirely symbolic even if it does pass.

A lot of the disappointment with the Senate Democrats is because they seem to be doing nothing. Some of that is because they don't have much of a chance to actually get anything passed but some of it seems to be some kind of ill-advised advice.

We have to flood the Democratic Senators with our disappointment and tell them that no one is going to follow them if they appear to be caving in on everything. Sometimes the symbol serves a purpose.

Given that, it is for the grassroots to lead the party. We are DEMOcrats, afterall.

We have no alternative tool except the Democratic Party with which to end the Bush era. There is no other way to stop it and if it isn't stopped this year he will have put liars, criminals and fellow fascist fanatics into the judiciary and they will ensure that what is left of the Bill of Rights, Voting Rights, etc. is destroyed.

We have only a few months to prevent total disaster.
I think we passed Total Disaster in early 2001, are presently at Nightmareville, and will probably muddle through even the Apocalypse.

My recommendation is that we should declare that the first American Republic is over, that any Bush appointees or Bush laws are invalid, and start over.
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