Monday, April 17, 2006


Another Wingnut Talking Point Goes Bye-Bye

Taking their cue from Byron York and other transmitters, the world of Wingnuttia has been all atwitter about How The EEEEEVIL Patrick Fitzgerald Is Going To Be Indicted (And Libby Will Get Off Scot-Free) Because Fitzgerald LIED! And Was CAUGHT! LYING! REALLY!

Ahem. Media Matters, as usual, has the reality check:

Summary: Byron York claimed that court papers pertaining to Patrick J. Fitzgerald's investigation of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby "contained the erroneous and later-corrected suggestion that Libby lied about the contents of the National Intelligence Estimate [NIE]." York, however, misstated Fitzgerald's correction. In fact, Fitzgerald corrected the suggestion that Vice President Dick Cheney authorized Libby to tell Judith Miller that a "key judgment" of the 2002 NIE was that Iraq was "vigorously trying to procure" uranium -- not the "suggestion that Libby lied about the contents of the" NIE, as York wrote.
The silly thing is that anyone with a functioning brain and an eighth-grade education could see that this particular Yorkian talking point was balderdash. Yet the wingnuts who haunt the comments threads of places like Eschaton keep thinking that they're scoring critical hits on us with their plus-20-against-humans Swords Of Ultimate Shrieking Doom each time they post links to York's air-castle fantasy. The problem for them is that the more they believe this, the harder the fall's gonna be for them when they find out, in a very concrete way, that it's simply not so. There are going to be a lot of very bummed-out wingnuts when it's Rove and not Fitz that gets to do the next frog march.

Well, when it doesn't happen, it'll just prove how vast and treacherous the left-wing conspiracy is.

They're only happy when they're feeling outnumbered and put upon. If they recognized themselves as the Establishment, their brand identity would go out the window.
The irony is that, aside from a few special ones, the trustafarians and the ones who they need to keep the wheels greased, the vast majority of the trollies out there are NOT part of the Establishment. They may think they are, they may identify far more with Rush Limbaugh than with the black guy who works with them at the 7-11, but they really aren't. They're just useful idiots, most of them.
Our supersecret eye-brain disrupter strikes again, Phila.

Causing Byron York to yet again totally misinterpret plainly printed words and write an article sounding like he was suffering from a hallucinatory disorder.

Victory is inevitable.
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