Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Are We Really Serious About Stopping Illegal Immigration?

Molly Ivins nails it:

Should you actually want to stop Mexicans and OTMs (other than Mexicans) from coming to the United States, here is how to do it: Find an illegal worker at a large corporation. This is not difficult -- brooms and mops are big tip-offs. Then put the CEO of that corporation in prison for two or more years for violating the law against hiring illegal workers. Got it? You can also imprison the corporate official who actually hired the illegal and, just to make sure, put some Betty Sue Billups -- housewife, preferably one with blonde hair in a flip -- in the joint for a two-year stretch for hiring a Mexican gardener. Thus Americans are reminded that the law says it is illegal to hire illegal workers and that anyone who hires one is responsible for verifying whether or not his or her papers are in order. If you get fooled and one slips by you, too bad, you go to jail anyway. When there are no jobs for illegal workers, they do not come. Got it?
The Senate version of the "Securing America's Borders Act" proposes a penalty for hiring undocumented workers of "$10,000 for each unauthorized alien with respect to whom such a violation occurs, imprisoned up to six months, or both". A $10,000 fine isn't enough to make it unprofitable. The fine should be twice the difference between the prevailing wage and the wage paid to each undocumented worker. That would be a deterrent.
Great idea.

And while we're at it we can jail the head honchos who ordered TORTURE and provided the West Virginian troops with the black hoods and electrodes to do their dirty work for them!
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