Thursday, April 06, 2006


An assault by a Congressman

Thanks to Johnny Wendell for bringing to attention this Kos Diary (and to Kos and to the grand ladies at Juanita's): "I can't believe my Congressman, Tom DeLay, would organize this type of assault," Rovai said. "I was assaulted by two different people. One of the men hit me and another shoved his sign into my face, and then when I pushed his sign away he violently pulled my hat down over my eyes and pushed me. I'm considering filing an assault charge. This is just very upsetting and I'm so disappointed in Tom Delay for organizing this attack." Evidently there's an e-mail proving that DeLay organized this. And speaking of DeLay, here's a comment by Juanita that I identify with: "On the other hand, my Libertarian friend says it’s not a bad idea to be without a Congressman. We could use these six months to try it out and if it works, we could do it everywhere else and just get rid of Congress. He thinks they’re as worthless as a four card flush anyway."
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