Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Big Trouble For The Texas GOP

Well, now that Tom DeLay has siphoned a few extra hundreds of thousands from those folks foolish enough to believe him when he said he'd still be in Congress and calling the shots at the end of this year (how does it feel to be donating to his legal fund, buckos?), and rendered null and void the primary he won last month, you'd think that the folks running the Texas Republican Party would be mighty ticked off at what he did to them. They shouldn't be. After all, Tom DeLay is, for all intents and purposes, the Texas Republican Party, and a good chunk of the national GOP as well. And since Tom's attitude is that "le GOP, c'est moi", of course he believes he has a divine right to do whatever he wants to it, and with it. Besides, what can they do about it? There isn't a Texas Republican officeholder that doesn't owe his or her job to Tom DeLay. That goes for the guy who's the lead Republican wanting to replace him. There is an alternative to DeLayism, you know. His name's Nick Lampson, and he's a good guy. You know what to do.

Why do any Americans vote Republican?
The short answer: Because of nigh on three decades of programming by the GOP/Media Complex, combined with a naked appeal to our baser prejudices, prettied up to look like "morality".

Read http://www.consortiumnews.com for more.
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