Friday, April 28, 2006


British ballot corruption targeted at Galloway; Berlusconi enlists lord of the flies

From The Guardian, we learn that Galloway alleges electoral fraud A Scotland Yard inquiry into electoral malpractice before next week's local elections will focus on a tower block where 90 of the 93 residents may have been victims of postal voting fraud.Officials from George Galloway's Respect party yesterday revealed that the dossier they have passed to special branch includes details of irregularities at Anglesey House in Limehouse, east London, where virtually all of the tenants have been registered for postal votes despite the fact that few applied for one. The police have been told of a string of estates that appear to have generated a suspicious number of postal vote applications. Residents who have requested a postal vote complain of their ballot papers being diverted to unauthorised addresses. Meanwhile, in Italy, the despicable Berlusconi cuts a deal with the devil to try to hang on to power. Silvio Berlusconi's hopes of grabbing back power will tonight be laid on the hunched shoulders of an 87-year-old politician who until a few years ago was battling charges of murder and mafia involvement. Giulio Andreotti, whose alleged involvement in a string of shadowy conspiracies earned him the nickname Beelzebub, will today attempt to scotch the centre-left's plans to form a government with the razor-thin majority it won in this month's general election. Discreetly supported by the outgoing government, Mr Andreotti is running for the speakership of the senate in a ballot that will be the first big test of the centre-left's ability to govern. If he wins, it will plunge Italy into political chaos, forcing a new election or the left-right coalition government that Mr Berlusconi has demanded. Andreotti is a convicted murderer and alleged mafioso. A perfect candidate for the right.
Euan Blair: What I learned during my internship with David Drier.

The Republican Party is the most evil institution in the western world. It corrupts everything. Not that little Euan was any choir boy to start with.

Perhaps that isn't the right word. Or maybe it is.
Say on, Macduff. What's Euan up to lately?

Last I heard, it was nothing more serious than getting sozzled. Granting that that's how Dubya got started, so did some people who came out ok.
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