Sunday, April 02, 2006


Coingate Reaches D.C.

(Props to Charles for finding this one.) The Toledo Blade is still following the slime trail laid down by Tom Noe, the coin dealer who used Ohio's Bureau of Workers Compensation to enrich himself, with the enthusiastic assistance of his cronies in the Republican Party. The Blade reports how far Noe's connections extended beyond Ohio.

In the months before Tom Noe came under scrutiny for his state-funded rare-coin venture, he used a federal appointment to forge relationships with U.S. Mint officials that opened doors for him on Capitol Hill, documents obtained by The Blade show. And before he was brought down by scandal last year, the coin dealer helped persuade Congress — for the first time in the nation’s history — to authorize the minting of a 24-karat gold coin. [...] In May, 2003, the White House and House Speaker Dennis Hastert recommended that Mr. Noe get a seat on the influential 11-member committee. Treasury Secretary John Snow appointed Mr. Noe, less than six months after the Toledo-area coin dealer expressed interest in joining a Mint committee to Henrietta Fore, then director of the Mint.
And just who would benefit from the production of a coin that's no use in vending machines but that could be sold and resold as an "investment"? Not the federal government or the taxpayers. This is another glaring example of how Bush and his minions are looting the U.S. treasury.
Maybe they forsee a hyperinflation in our near future. To go along with their Reichstag fire.
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