Friday, April 07, 2006


Death squads return to Latin America

Guatemala congressman shot dead Mr Pivaral is the second lawmaker to be killed since 2004 A Guatemalan congressman has been shot dead outside his party's headquarters in the capital, Guatemala City. ... The party's general secretary, Eduardo Meyer, linked the killing to the presidential and congressional elections due next year. "The fact that they killed him in front of the party [headquarters] is a very clear message on the eve of the elections," he said. This is real terrorism. Not Quaker ladies waving peace signs. Why doesn't our national leadership act like it?
well, we could go down there and remove the current government and install a new one... but you'd surely have a conscientious objection to that. hows about we put diplomatic presure on them? oh oh wait. report them to the UN! that'll teach those rebel bad boys. which one should our national leadership do?
Why do morons post anonymously?

Because they're ignorant of the history of US involvement in supporting death squads in Latin America for the last hundred years? Or maybe because they just repeat what other GOP morons on FOX tell them to.

Hardly matters, huh?
ok, so we're supposed to do what?
Anonymous, how about we concede that it's not our decision how other countries govern themselves, and stay out of it? It's what we'd want them to do for us.

Remember: "These colors don't run the world."
i agree. perhaps i misunderestimated charles' reason for posting. i guess he wasn't suggesting anyone do anything, he was just posting a news story.
Actually, there are very concrete steps the United States can take.

1. Close the School of the Americas, which has been training some of the thugs who run the Latin American paramilitaries.

2. Stop providing military assistance to countries who use it to arm death squads.

3. End the involvement of the CIA in overseeing death squads.

All of these are factors in the violence in Latin America. In Guatemala, it was determined by an independent outside commission that 90% of the deaths of civilians were caused by government forces, which were trained, armed, and funded by the US.

MEC is correct. We definitely do *not* need to intervene. We need to leave those folks alone.
School of the Americas. Uruguay and Argentina have dropped out of the program because of its association with death squads and such. Considering Uruguay's and Argentina's history, that's a major dope slap.
Exactly, MEC.

And I notice that once the facts come out, the anonymouses both lesser and greater creep away.
You mean like how Anonymous Sandi from Duke (SiteMeter is a wonderful thing) ran off once Charles stepped up and gave her facts she couldn't spin or refute? :-)
actually, i was on vacation. but i will admit that i'm just floored by charles and his irrefutables and my that my boredom with someone who knows what's best for everyone and how much they should be taxed and what rules should be imposed on which people has nothing to do with me occasionally ignoring him.
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