Thursday, April 06, 2006


DHS Hits The Pervert Trifecta!

In the comments to our last post on the subject of pedophile chickenhawks in the DHS, Zee noted the following:

Multiple Pedophile Disorder in the DHS There were three that we know of, PW. An MSNBC Dateline sting picked up Michael Burks. As my son said, these goons are supposed to be able to uncover terrorists and they can't even tell a real teen from a detective posing as one? (Not to mention they ARE the terrorists, as far as our children go!)
Always remember: DHS was supposed to be the agency that showed that destroying the Federal Civil Service System would somehow be good for government, just as cutting taxes would raise government revenue. The disastrous history of Bush's pet domestic project mirrors that of pretty much every enterprise in which he's been deeply involved.

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