Tuesday, April 18, 2006


The Duke Lacrosse Rape Scandal

We normally don't do coverage of crimes or alleged crimes that were blown up nationally but are really of only local import at best. (In other words, no wall-to-wall Holloway stories here.) But every so often, one of these stories turns out to have national import after all, both for the people involved (rich white sons of powerful men with strong ties to the Bush branch of the GOP/Media Complex versus a black stripper and single mother) and for the way the national media has handled the case (black stripper is painted as a liar, white boys as innocents). One wonders if people like Tucker Carlson will be eating their words now that two of the "innocents" have been arrested for rape. You know, I knew that the Duke lacrosse coach had quit, but I didn't know WHY. The exact reason never seemed to get mentioned on the TV evening news -- at least, not to my knowledge, whereas the "no DNA!!!" news was broadcast everywhere and quite loudly the second it became public.

If it wasn't for Steve Gilliard, I'd never have known that the coach quit because one of his players, Ryan McFadyen, had written an e-mail before the event that went as follows:

On Wednesday, authorities unsealed documents stating that less than two hours after the alleged rape, McFadyen sent an e-mail saying he was planning an encore to “tonights (sic) show.” The message, addressed “To whom it may concern,” said, “however there will be no nudity.”

“I plan on killing the bitches as soon as the(y) walk in and proceding to cut their skin off,” wrote McFadyen, a 6-foot-6, 225-pound Atlantic Coast Conference honor roll player who was one of five Duke players from the exclusive Delbarton School in Morristown, N.J., adding in vulgar terms that he would find the act sexually satisfying. The e-mail was signed with McFadyen’s jersey number, 41.

McFadyen wasn't one of the two guys charged, but it's obvious that he felt very comfy about sending such an e-mail to his buddies. He knew that none of them would say "Hey, man, that's outta line".

The pervasive nastiness -- a nastiness born of noblesse obligé -- is all over these boys and their Bush-affliated rich fathers. And you won't hear a peep on the TV evening news about the powerful fathers of these young men.

yawn. bush-affiliated fathers? you're trying to hard with this bush stuff. the affiliation has nothing to do with even less than that but so long as you can affiliate bush with anything negative you go for it. dumb!
hey, look. think of how boring the next 3 years of your life would be without him. oh, yes, thrrreeeee loooonnnngggggg yeeeeeaaaarrrsssssss of fun... then we'll be even for bill. deal with it.
There is a simple way to end the racial hysteria surrounding the Duke Lacrosse team. Simply tell people it was El Duke,
not Duke players that were accused the rape of a white woman, and the same civil rights leaders who are lynching the Duke Players would lynch the racist DA.....

I can see it now, "racist DA perpetuates black rape myth." And of course the nails were planted by a racist cop, "If the nails don't clip you must acquit."

Well, PW, we now know the algebra of the right wing:

1 World War + 5000 dead Americans + 20,000 maimed Americans + 100,000 dead Iraqis + 1 Trillion dollars wasted = 1 blowjob.

The girls on the Strip really ought to start charging more. If there are idiots stupid enough to make statements like the above, I'm sure they'll pay a lot more for sex that they couldn't get for free (except from farm animals).
Can't argue with any of the thoughts here. Strippers, it is well documented, have hearts of gold - and those Duke players are white, rich and MEN!

When it comes to integrity - no contest!
It's not just at Duke... from Arizona:
The son of Arizona's Senate president confessed that he and another counselor shoved broomsticks and flashlights into the rectums of 18 boys in at least 40 incidents at a youth camp in June.

Now Yavapai County prosecutors say they will drop all but one assault charge and likely recommend little or no jail time if 18-year-old Clifton Bennett agrees to plead guilty.

Clifton Bennett-- the son of one of the most influential right-wing politicians in Arizona... a sodomist?

Who would have imagined?

I mean, besides Newt getting blowjobs in his congressional office from his now-third wife, and "Leather Bob" Livingston and adulterers Henry Hyde and Asa Hutchinson and druggie Limbaugh, sex orgies in Virginia that Alice can probably speak more knowledgeably about than I can, and... well, besides about 100 top Republicans, no one could imagine Clifton Bennett a sodomist.
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