Friday, April 14, 2006


Friday Cat Blogging

'Tis spring, when a cat's fancy turns to the robins on the lawn.

Would Madame prefer that with pilaf or dilled potatoes?
Mmmm, dilled potatoes! I need to get another set of dill plants for my balcony and see how fast I can kill them.

Where was Alex, hiding from the robins?
Alex was, I think, in another window, trading insults with the squirrels.

Please think good thoughts for Lady Lightfoot. She's been diagnosed as hyperthyroid; a week from Tuesday, she'll be getting radiation treatment to destroy a benign tumor on her thyroid gland. It Could Be Much Worse, but there's always at least some risk involved.
Yikes, MEC.

Good thoughts, prayers, and every batallion of angels under my command on their way.

Hugs to the Lady Lightfoot.
Purrs to the pretty kitty! (((hug)))
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