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This story is probably not too complex for the corporate media, since it's the Wall Street Journal that broke it. However, since I refuse to buy the WSJ after what they did to torment the family of Clinton White House Counsel Vince Foster, here are the blog outtakes: From Justin Rood of TPM Muckraker The Wall Street Journal reports today that admitted briber Mitchell Wade of MZM, Inc. helped procure prostitutes for former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA) -- and possibly for others Synopsis by Kiel and Rood of TPM Muckraker: "The FBI is probing whether now-imprisoned Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-CA) and other lawmakers spent time with prostitutes arranged for and paid by Mitchell Wade, former head of defense-intelligence contractor MZM Inc., and Brent Wilkes, of ADCS. Both men are accused of bribing Cunningham; Wade has admitted it, and is cooperating with prosecutors." The FBI's also curious about staff members who may have joined in on the action, which is said to take place in the Westin Grand and -- yes, the second time is farce -- the Watergate. " And now today, from Rood: Ken Silverstein reports at Harper's blog on the spreading Cunningham-Wade-Wilkes prostitute scandal. He says more lawmakers, past and present, are being investigated. Sounds like he thinks House Intel Chair-turned-CIA Director Porter Goss is one of them Now, it's a bit of a leap by Rood to get to Goss. Silverstein's actual comment could refer to any of many people, including non-political appointees. But the thought of congressional friends of Mitchell Wade starring in an election year sex scandal is very welcome. It would be very nice for the right-wing to have to live by the personal morals it claims to uphold. (A site called othersiderainbow.blogspot.comis where this was originally linked, but I don't see it on the page in which Google claims it is. And-- a word to the wise that one of our readers mentioned in the F-Secure thread-- don't go out looking for hookers. Even on Google, you're at risk for cooties.)
Beat me to it, Charles! And with such a lovely picture, too!

As if things weren't baaaaad enough for the GOP...
When you sling as much bull as they do, that's the kinda females you end up with.

And, yes, there is a strange affinity between Republicans and far animals that has been commented on before.
I'm betting that a lot of CIA old-timers are working the backchannels in order to get rid of Goss, who is BushCo zampolit from the word "go".
Yeah, Goss is part of the Murder, Inc. branch of the CIA that cost it so much back in the 1970s.

Supposedly he's "a really nice guy." Just completely corrupt.
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