Thursday, April 27, 2006


Kraft And It Shareholders To Anti-Gay Bigots: STFU

Some good news today:

Kraft Foods Inc. shareholders Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a proposal that the Northfield-based food and beverage giant cut sponsorship for the Chicago-hosted 2006 Gay Games and future competitions. Saying the event promotes gay activity that increases the likelihood of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and is inconsistent with the company's health-focused initiatives, shareholder Marcella Meyer of Chicago presented the proposal before the annual meeting in East Hanover, N.J. She saw 99 percent of the votes cast against the proposal, as company directors recommended. Kraft has committed $25,000 to the group that organizes the games, taking place in Chicago and area suburbs over eight days in July. Last year, Kraft contributed more than $85 million in food and cash to hundreds of non-profit organizations worldwide.
Marcella Meyer is apparently an M.D. with an anti-sex fetish who has a long history of making crackpot resolutions that saner humans shoot down.

Is it vollyball or track events that spread the STDs?

I don't know if this will make me eat Velveeta but it will make me stop making fun of it.
Kraft sharp cheddar cheese is pretty good. I'm just sayin'.

And I'm surprised that Marcella Meyer hasn't yet been appointed to an FDA advisory board.
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