Wednesday, April 05, 2006


More of Life's Little Ironies

This story

Brian Doyle of the Department of Homeland Security arrested for soliciting for underage sex via the Internet
reminded me of this press release
The Department of Homeland Security today announced Operation Predator, a comprehensive DHS initiative designed to enhance the Administration's efforts to protect children from pornographers, child prostitution rings, Internet predators, alien smugglers, human traffickers, and other criminals. The President has made it clear that anyone who harms a child will be a priority target of law enforcement in this Administration.
Who will guard us from the guardians? [Edited to add] Steaming Load reminds us that the government agency of which Brian Doyle is the deputy spokesman has demanded search data from the major search engines ... as part of a crackdown on child pornography. Maybe they should stop wasting their time sifting through the search data and just check the hard drives in their DHS offices.
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