Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The Old Reliables

Talk about being stuck in the past. The Republican leadership's brilliant plan for winning the 2006 elections: Lying to people about trial lawyers, gay people, and the estate tax. Whoo-hooo! (Too bad for them that it's not going to be enough this time.) Then again, I shouldn't be surprised: Republicans still pass around Clinton jokes to one another, a good five years after the Big Dog left office. You didn't see Democrats in 1979 habitually telling each other Nixon jokes every single day; apparently Republicans have nothing better to do. This is as good a time as any to point out that the anti-estate-tax drive is being pushed by 18 of America's hyper-richest families, who are worth over $185 billion (yes, BILLION). The repeal of the estate tax would not put a dime into the pockets of the vast majority of Americans, but it would give these 18 Royal Families a $70-billion-plus gift.

You forgot to mention the repubs war on flag burning. With the war on gay marriage and the war on flag burning, Frist seems to think they can be successful.

I'm with you, I think a lot of Americans have arisen from their coma and might not think flags and gays are the biggest problem they face today or any day.
Wal-Mart, Gallo wine, Campbell's soup, and Mars Inc.: These are all trsut fund babies.

The Koch Brothers are thieves, who made their money in part by stealing drip gas from Native Americans.

Bill Gates, Sr. is opposed to repealing the estate tax. Bill, Jr.... pretty much against, I think.

So, if you made your money by work, you're much more likely to be willing to pay taxes than if you stole or inherited it.
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