Sunday, April 23, 2006


Subject Traffic Jam

What to write about today? Should I mention Susie Bright's discussion of, among other things, just why Army recruiters don't bother with colleges where the students are the kids of upscale Republicans? Or should I highlight Susie's discussion of racism in the film industry (both porn and mainstream), specifically the idea that black men must never have sex with white women? Or how about Armando's discovery that the NYT has cravenly rewritten Dan Bilefsky's April 20 story on CIA secret prisons (a story which follows up on Dana Priest's excellent Pulitzer-winning work) in Europe to make it more a) inaccurate and b) Bush-friendly? This despite the fact that Deutsche Welle has already followed up on Dana Priest's original stories to confirm that the CIA did and does have secret prisons in Europe, most likely in Sweden. (By the way: The NYT's Orwellian editing hasn't (yet) reached the IHT version of the Dan Bilefsky story. Check it out here, while you still can.) Or I could just go make a pizza. Oh, what the hell -- I'm hungry:

I hesitate to link you to Malkin; I'll let you find her on your own. Suffice to say she makes Rush Limbaugh look like a drug-addled old hasbeen. Oh, right...

Wish there was enough time to read a fraction of the fine leftist blogs in the world.

Jessh! No one asked for a piece of your pizza? What's wrong with those people!
Now that pizza looks good!
I know all about Little Lulu (her old handle on Don't need to see more of her, thank you kindly.

The pizza was made from scratch -- I rolled out enough dough for an 8" circle, then put on about two tablespoons of Paul Newman's Tomato Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce, one torn-up green onion (too lazy to chop it), one torn-up mushroom (see green onion), half a carrot chopped into small hunks, and some grated Double Gloucester and Jarlsberg cheese. Put into preheated 400F oven for five minutes, and the result is what you see here. (That was my breakfast.)
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