Friday, April 28, 2006


This Week In Canadian Politics

Looks like the mask has fallen off Stephen "Boy George" Harper:

Saturday morning, Canada awoke to the news that four of her soldiers in Afghanistan were killed by a roadside bomb. It was the worst day for Canadain forces in the country. There were calls for Stephen Harper to lower the flags on Parliament Hill and order the same for other government sites. Harper refused.

Many local governments and agencies decided to honour the request and lowered the flags. Even Conservative Premier Ralph Klein ordered flags to be flown at half-mast. Harper continued to refuse.

Hmmmm, sound like anyone we know? Some Canadians have noticed this as well. But wait, there's more!
Harper's Accountability Act Gets A Poster Boy - A Conservative
Former Tory MP Gurmant Grewal is being investigated by the RCMP for what looks like illegal campaign contibutions (what is it with Conservatives and illegal activity??)

In rare move, a top RCMP officer with the force's commercial crime section has officially confirmed former B.C. Tory MP Gurmant Grewal is under criminal investigation relating to tens of thousands of dollars in donations given to him by members of the Indo-Canadian community.

"The RCMP's commercial crime section is conducting an investigation into the handling of campaign contributions and political donations," said section head Insp. Kevin DeBruyckere on Sunday. "We are hoping to wrap up the investigation within a couple of months."

Numerous donors who gave Grewal amounts ranging from $200 to $5,000 said they never received receipts for political donations and often were asked by the former MP to make the cheque payable to his own name. On Friday, the Vancouver Province revealed some of the cheques were deposited into Grewal's own account.

Donors also said at least four Mounties were blazing a trail through the community and brought with them cheques the RCMP appeared to have obtained by "accessing" Grewal's accounts at several banks in British Columbia's Lower Mainland.

But this is the first time the RCMP have publicly stated they're investigating Grewal who didn't run in the last election. Grewal was first elected to office in the Surrey Central riding in 1997 and ran successfully for office in two more general elections.

What makes this so funny is that Steven Harper is trying to get his Accountability Act passed. The whole idea is the stop campaign contributions that could corrupt a politican. Looks like Grewal is the new poster boy for that campaign.

A few more scandals like this, and Harper might not make it past Canada Day.

Canada's Conservative government is emulating the Busheviks in another way: banning photographs of the return of dead soldiers from Afghanistan.

At least the Canadians can hold an election and throw the rascals out as soon as enough people get fed up.
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