Monday, April 03, 2006


We Interrupt This Blog For A Public Service Announcement

The BugMan, Hot Tub Tom DeLay, Mister K Street Project himself, is leaving Congress after this year. Methinks that he's going to be wearing an orange jumpsuit by this time next year.

And the public servant is Ronnie Earler.

This is, frankly, a relief, and not for partisan reasons. The longer DeLay was around, the longer that the infighting could go on and the longer that the Democrats could point to the most corrupt politician of the last 100 years.

But Tom DeLay, as the only senior congressional leader indicted for a serious criminal offense, was a symbol of impunity was a symbol of impunity, that you could do anything and get away with it. Maybe now people will start rethinking and realizing that the wheel eventually stops and you have to get off where your life has led you.
A truly novel excuse for DeLay stepping down: District negrification. I kid you not:

Most of all, it [DeLay stepping down] ends the GOP concern that DeLay might lose his own seat, which in addition to redistricting has undergone demographic changes with the influx of former New Orleans residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
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