Saturday, April 29, 2006


White House Correspondents Dinner

Stephen Colbert is devastating. You must see it. You must see it. C-SPAN will re-broadcast the dinner on Sunday beginning at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time. Colbert comes on about 2 hours 25 minutes after the start of the broadcast. They'll likely have an Internet stream in their archives afterwards. I'll be really surprised if Crooks and Liars doesn't have the highlights, too. [PW butts in: Yes, they do.] [PW butts in again: Here's a transcript, courtesy of Kos diarist Frederick over at DailyKos, as well as a link to a location of the whole Colbert appearance -- C&L just nabbed the last half.]

Yes, Steven Colbert hit this out of the ball park.

Someone finally said the Emperor is not only wearing no clothes, but is entirely lacking a brain.
I really loved the skit with Helen Thomas, the unstoppable questioner of doom, as she played Colbert's literal Nemesis. She had fun doing that.

It was even more fun to note the absolute stone silence that prevailed for most of Colbert's time on the podium. He laid into the GOP/Media Complex as well as BushCo, and they didn't like it one bit.
OT, from your comment at Eschaton:

The media coverage is silly in that they keep tapdancing around the Big Dead Stinky Rotting Elephant in the living room, which is that around $38 of the cost of every barrel of gas is directly attributable to the invasion of Iraq.

Bingo. Look at the OIX chart (a cross section of oil companies' stocks) and you can see PRECISELY that the rise began in March 2003.

On a 10 year chart, you see a much slower rise, which accounts for the growth of India and China.

Sometime this year, we'll see a spike to near $4/gal. It may be true that the media covers it superficially, but it's an issue that transcends ideology. Most people feel it and reminding them of it with man-on-the-street interviews etches the discomfort into the brain. Which can only be good for the Dems.
Of course the mediawhores in the audience weren't laughing. They'd only be amused if (a) they got the joke, and (b) they could tell it wasn't directed at them.

The Correspondents' idea of "humorous" was revealed before Colbert took the stage, in that mindnumbingly lame video of the White House press room.
Colbert delenda est.
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