Sunday, April 09, 2006


Why The Officers Are Resigning

This WP article discusses, somewhat obliquely, the utter dismay felt by sane people both in and out of the Pentagon at Bush's plans to attack Iraq -- plans which we first heard about from Seymour Hersh, praise be unto his name. The dismay is fleshed out in greater detail here (courtesy of Steve Gilliard). I also want to point out something else: As Sid Blumenthal noted recently, the US' efforts to train and create a new Iraqi army and police force are actually backfiring. The Iraqis we're training are taking that training and using it to set up sectarian death squads -- and as this NYDN piece notes (again courtesy of Gilliard), they're starting to shoot at US soldiers. Also bear in mind that Iraq and Iran are very cozy now, as they share a majority-Shiite population. If Bush throws so much as a firecracker at Iran, expect to see the Iraqis we've trained turn their guns on us en masse.

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