Sunday, April 09, 2006


Zombie Lie

Zombie lie: No matter how often the fact-checkers kill it dead, it keeps coming back. Vanessa Arrington of the Associated Press is the latest necromancer-journalist. Writing about "Freedom Day" in Iraq, she tells us:

The holiday marks the April 9, 2003 event in which a huge crowd of Iraqis cheered as U.S. Marines hauled down the statue of Saddam Hussein on Firdous Square, marking the collapse of his regime.
Sadly, no. That "huge crowd of Iraqis" was created by clever camera angles. This long-range photo of the event shows that the square was almost empty when the Marines pulled down the statue. Why do they keep repeating the lie? Because "...about 150 Iraqis, pressed into service for a photo op, cheered on command..." just doesn't reinforce the Big Lie that the Iraqi people are happy we're destroying their country because Saddam was even worse than starvation, disease, and murder.
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