Friday, May 05, 2006


Always low prices! (on human life)

Mexico reaches a boil as 800 riot police attack and open fire on flower vendors protesting, killing a 14-year old girl and injuring a hundred. The central figure of the indigenous movement in Mexico, SubcomandanteMarcos: Years ago here, in the Plaza of the Three Cultures, there was a massacre and the government at the time said the army had been attacked. And a long time passed before someone asked what the army was doing at a student rally. And now it doesn’t even occur to those communication media, including the radio, to ask what the armed forces — the police — were doing in San Salvador Atenco. And this alliance was happening between the PRD and PRI to get rid of some flower vendors because the mayor of Texcoco thinks they make the city ugly, because he wants to put in a commercial center, a Wal-Mart there in Texcoco, and the small businessmen bother him. Now the PRD, allied with the PRI at the state level and now also allied with the PAN at the federal level, is going to have to notice all this death. I'd put a smiley face here, but I just can't seem to find one.
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