Friday, May 05, 2006


Another Rat Overboard

This just in: CIA Director Porter Goss has resigned. The Associated Press report was cursory, including only the announcement and a meaningless quote from Bush. Reuters doesn't even have a quote from Bush. As the story develops, will the snooze media mention that Porter Goss is very likely one of the "current and former lawmakers" involved in the spreading Cunningham-Wade-Wilkes prostitute scandal? Don't hold your breath. My other immediate question is, who will Bush nominate to replace Goss? Which means, of course, who would be the absolutely worst choice. Post your nominations in the comments. I call dibs on Robert Novak.

If you recall, the CIA used to run its guns and drugs on what was called "Air America."

Porter Goss: " I believe the agency is on a very even keel, sailing well..."

California Rep. Jane Harman: "The CIA is in a free fall..."

I think the headline that captures this image correctly is "Air America floating nicely."
BBC just ran a cover story on the 'news at 10' and actually stated Goss's resignation may be due to 'lurid sex scandals'.

I wonder just how many are going to brought down by hookergate?

I also wonder which sycophant will replace Goss......I bet Cheney will be pushing for another neocon.........
British Gary, there was a stir when Bill Kristol said that the resignation was in response to "something that popped" this week.

What came to mind immediately was that Jeff Gannon had decided to ask Porter Goss to marry him and on Thursday evening had popped the question.

To bring it back to worst possible nominee... well, here's my short list of nominees:

1. Vladimir Putin
2. Prince Turki
3. Osama bin Laden
4. George W. Bush

I think we can agree that none of them would do a worse job than has been done heretofore.
Osama bin Laden! That's a good idea: "It takes a thief to catch a thief."
what did I write yesterday?.......,8599,1191777,00.html

From the above link,
"Hayden, who has a close rapport with Vice President Cheney".......
does anyone know if Michael Hayden is a neocon?
British Gary, as a member of the uniformed military, Hayden is probably not a neocon. Though he doubtless shares their general world view, the neocons are essential messianic, while Hayden seems more opportunistic.

That's consistent with what we know about Hayden's career. His patron/boss is John Negroponte.

Negroponte is not an ideologue, and certainly not a neoconservative. Since the 1960s Ambassador Negroponte has earned a reputation as a ruthless and determined political operative who always gets the job done—however “dirty” or undiplomatic. Unlike most of President Bush’s foreign policy team, Negroponte has no direct connections with the network of conservative policy institutes, think tanks, or foundations that have set the administration’s foreign and domestic policy agendas.

Usually a guy like Negroponte can get anyone he wants as juniors. Hayden seems to to me to be an unprincipled, incompetent, self-serving, dishonest hack. This would put him on the top of Negroponte's list.

Now, this is certainly not definitive. But there's not a lot of information out there on Hayden's politics (again, not unusual for uniformed military), so one must rely on the most internally consistent interpretation, which in this case seems to me to be opportunism.
hi Charles, thanks for the reply.

What you wrote certainly makes sense however I would add neocons are messianic ideologues and most of today's military leaders are messianic opportunists.

I saw a news clip of an American military leader (I don't know who he was) holding a morale-boosting session with numerous troops just before battle in Fallujah and he was saying words to the effect, "I know where the Devil is and he is right here in Iraq. We are fighting for good and the good Lord Jesus Christ is on our side. We will prevail."
I remember this because at the time the American administration was denying the claims of OBL that this was a religious war i.e. Jihad.

I think Iraq is a war for oil, not religion, and OBL was spouting religious hatred to gain support.

I also think as given in the above example, messianics and the military are not mutually exclusive. I'm an atheist and a pacifist (and to my taste), too many messianics and ideologues abound for the latter.

Having read what you've posted, I agree that Hayden is probably not an ideologue. Just another opportunistic, spineless, sycophant with a Negroponte (whichever way the wind blows) political approach. Probably messianic too.
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