Tuesday, May 16, 2006


From Kneejerk to Gag Reflex: Bush Base Throws Up

Via Glenn Greenwald, we get the reviews of Bush's speech from the right. Here are excerpts of Glenn's excerpts: Michelle Malkin: "platitudes, non sequiturs, and recycled rhetoric I've been deconstructing the last five years." John "The Rocket" Hinderaker: "He had his chance and he blew it . . . . President Bush doesn't have many chances left to salvage his second term. After tonight, he might not have any." ... Paul "Deacon" Mirengoff: "President Bush did wimp out, and fatally so ... Ankle Biting Pundits: "... I believe he cheapened his argument." Misha at Anti-Idotarian Rottweiler: "long on blather and emotion and amazingly short on actual solutions. . . . Take your 'virtual' fence and your hi-tech vaporware coupled with your amnesty plan and shove them up your ass, Jorge." ... Mark Levin, National Review: ". . . . This is pure idiocy, and it has the potential of being far more damaging to this nation than any big-government power-grab perpetrated by any previous president and Congress." Dave Riehl: ... a eulogy for the so-called Reagan Revolution...President Bush all but declared himself irrelevant ... John Hawkins, Right Wing News: "After the speech last night, I took a look around the right side of the blogosphere to get a sense of what people thought. The reaction was probably -- oh, let's say somewhere between 75-90% negative ..." But Bush's approval will never reach zero because, as we see, there are still people who will defend him. As long as they can do it anonymously.
What a fun post, Charles. It's nice to seem them upset. I like "he cheapened his argument," presumably by making it.
The people who still support Bush will DIE stupid, I suppose.
Economic crisis has a way of curing people of stupidity, Terry. But I'll grant you that the cure is likely to feel as bad as the disease.
Wow! This is so amazing. They hate Bush as much as I do! And it's their fault. I was always against him. He's not my fault, he's THEIR fault, and now they refuse to take the discredit. Up theirs.
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