Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It's Kathy!

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais) It's a shame the Florida Republicans couldn't field anyone decent against Bill Nelson, who has been less-than-stellar in representing Democrats. But there are no decent Florida Publicans. No, not even one. And in this case, despite public groveling by the Governor, there was not even an indecent one to take on Harris. (by way of
You know, Jeb really should think about whether he wants to cross someone who knows all the dirt about went down in Florida in 2000.
The only way she'll talk is if the feds roll her on conspiracy to violate civil rights. Don't remember who her co-conspirator was in Texas, but I seem to recall this was whitewashed rather thoroughly. Anyway, Fitzgerald kinda has his hands full. Any other US Attorneys out there that can operate outside Gonzales' constraints?
Texas, Spartacus? Do tell!

Is this the "felon" purge list or some crime of hers I haven't come across.

As for US attorneys, I think they'll prosecute her on the bribery case, with Mitchell Wade as the side dish.
awww, you guys still upset about 2000? boy, 2004 must have reeeallt ticked you off...
Paul, every time a Republican goes to jail, an angel wins his wings.

The sky is gonna be dark with angels this year.

So, my mood is actually pretty good.

Payback, you will find, is a very mean and nasty female dog with her teeth on your tenders.

Have a nice day!
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